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About us

Engineering / Jazz Deployment Services

IBM Engineering / Jazz Platform Installation, Migration, Upgrade Services 

IBM Engineering Platform Installation, Migration, Upgrade Services

SmarterProcess / ReqPro provides to customers a service to install an IBM Engineering Jazz Platform on the local infrastructure or using cloud environments. Depending on the existing needs of customer and project requirements the services may include:

  • Architecture design
  • Sizing (hardware, memory, storage, operating system, database, application server
  • Hardware Configuration review
  • Installation, migration, or upgrade of IBM Engineering (Jazz Platform)
  • Installation of Jazz Team Server Components depending on the purchased licenses and needed capabilities:
    • Jazz Team Server (JTS)
    • IBM Engineering Workflow Management (Rational Team Concert / CCM)
    • IBM Engineering DOORS Next (Rational DOORS Next Generation / RM)
    • IBM Engineering Test Management (Rational Quality Manager / QM)
    • IBM Engineering Jazz Reporting Services (JRS)
    • IBM Engineering Rhapsody Modeling Manager
    • IBM Engineering Global Configuration
    • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Engineering Insights (RELM)
    • IBM Engineering Link Index Provider
    • IBM HTTP (Proxy Server)
    • IBM DB2

Infrastructure configuration

Database setup
  • Derby
  • DB2
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
Application Server installation
  • IBM Websphere Liberty Profile
  • IBM Websphere Server
Authetification – user registry type
  • IBM Websphere Liberty Profile>
  • Active Directory / LDAP without SSO
  • Active Directory / LDAP with SSO
Performance tuning
  • Java Heap (loading of correct amount of memory to the server)
  • Startup script adjustment
  • Latency Measurement
  • Automatic Startup
  • Installing updates and fix packs
  • Email notifications setup
  • Installation and configuration of SSL certificates
  • Installation and configuration of monitoring service
  • Auto-startup
  • Backups
  • Installing patches

One size does not fit all

Tell us the size of your organization and we will prepare instance sizing and install IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tools in a way it will provide scalability, security, and performance.

In most of the cases, we implement following architecture styles recommended by IBM:

  • Trial environments
  • Training environments
  • Departmental environments
  • Departmental topology
  • Enterprise topology
  • Federated topology
  • Modified federated topology

Please contact us for more information or to discuss if the service makes sense for your company.

Software and Systems Engineering are our passions.

At SmarterProcess, we always try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and the projects we deliver are always done with passion and a focus on tangible results.

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